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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Scores!

It's officially Cyber Monday. Take this opportunity to save big time on lots of great comics and magazines, as well as snagging FREE SHIPPING on many statues and collectibles! Sale lasts until Midnight Central Standard Time, so don't miss it!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

And...they're off!

Black Friday is officially here time-wise. On the site you'll find deep discounts on comics and magazines (as can be seen from some of the "weird" pricing that pops up below on the latest additions of the 1993 series of Catwoman).

Equally important, we have gone with FREE SHIPPING on over 200 different Sideshow and other highly collectible statues and other rarities! Look carefully for them, and enjoy the savings!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We've got some FANTASTIC deals going for Black Friday, which begins on THANKSGIVING DAY  at Noon central time!


It all starts Thanksgiving Day at Noon central time and runs until 11:59 p.m.on Monday, December 2!

Don't miss it!!

Where oh where did January, 2014 go?

Well, literally it hasn't happened and won't for another month yet.
In terms of pre-ordering, the geniuses that we are managed to trash all the Nov-Jan files and there worst part is we didn't even notice it amidst doing all the stuff we've been doing with mis-listing removal and DOS attacks and neat stuff like that! We are working feverishly to restore those lists for everyone, as well as the February pre-order lists and a whole mess of Sideshow pre-orders. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

So what are we, chopped liver?

We've been focusing on a special in-store November 11 Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day event for the past week. We have to apologize for that because it's impacted our shipping from the website orders. We'll resume shipping and catch up on many things including the comic service this week, and we really appreciate your patience!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some important updates

If you're a member of the Comic Service and you've been wondering about what happened to the december releases, wonder no more. We had a significant delay because we could not get the graphics files to work properly. This has been corrected, but the downside is that we need your pre-orders asap for guarantee. Please submit them like immediately.
On a related note, we fixed the graphics for the "MAR11" codes finally, and they should be correct. If you see any other graphics that don't match their items, please let us know.
Did you also know that "Watchdog" has been disabled? We did this because we finally got a system in place to get the quantities correct on speculation items. In fact, we've introduced some limited bulk discounts for multiple copy orders on several very sporadic items and will be adding more from week to week. So if you wish to get multiples where possible and take advantage of multiple discounts, please do.
Lastly, speaking of discounts, we did find a glitch in the pre-order setup system that might cause the pricing to appear on your comic service order without the discount. Rest assured that your comic service invoice will have the proper discounts listed. If you're not a comic service member, join now to take advantage of significant savings!
Lastly, since the pre-order posting for December was so late, we took out the November releases, and will be installing the January 2014 listings in just a few days. The one thing to note in future is that we need to have the orders for guarantee in hand by the 20th of the month. For example, January 2014 release orders need to be here by November 20 for guarantee. This will carry on barring some other inconvenience like that mentioned above with the graphics.
More news to follow!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't fall over, we're actually posting something!

We've been diligently filling orders like crazy this past few months!

The big news is that we have begun to introduce quantity discounts for those of you who wish to buy multiple copies of some books. Now, this is being phased in on some titles, not all, but we think it'll be an exciting upgrade tpo the experience on the site. It's especially good if you're needing more than just one or two copies of a given item in order to preserve a few for future use or to keep pristine.

Also, we'll have a lot of spot specials coming for the next several weeks heading into and through Thanksgiving (both) and on towards Chanukkah and Christmas, so look carefully!

We'd like to reiterate that when you place an order it will initially show "AWAITING PAYMENT", even if you've submitted your card. This is because cards are blocked for payment, but we don't capture payment until we have the product ready to go. Hence, no change in status until that happens.

We're still working through some mis-listed stuff and some minor location glitches on some products, but they're rapidly being taken care of so they don't reoccur.

There will be more news shortly (really!).