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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everyone's a critic

You saw the Academy Awards show last Sunday, right?

So here we have a new format and a new pair of hosts, and what do we get? We get people saying that the show was boring and that Ann Hathaway wasn't too good, and all that.

I dunno, but if you ask me the show was very well done. For starters, 90+ year old (some say 92, some 93 and I've heard as old as 96) Kirk Douglas giving out an award? That was worth the price of admission all by itself. This guy is not only a movie icon, he's been through all kinds of tsouris including but not limited to a helicopter crash and a stroke for goodness sake, and look at him! Then of course Melissa Leo has to drop the F-bomb right on his head. And this is boring to some people?

James Franco...what can you say. He had a good time. He appeared to be cool if not somewhat detached during the whole thing, but he did a good job. Especially with the drag outfit.

The real standout of the show was Ann. Not only is she gorgeous, not only did she have 7 changes not counting the tux, but her sense of humor and her attitude carried the show. And she can really belt one out! Who knew?

Then Celine Dion shows up for the memorial reel. Absolutely terrific!

One final thought for all the so-called critics: Hey, they're up there on the show and you're down here. I (don't) wonder why....


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