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Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Fun!

I'm not talking about the Golden Age comics title there. (That will come later!).
You know what's more fun? Getting umpteen kajillion graphics loaded up to the site, that's what! Scanning and processing amidst stacks and stacks of stuff is really something. We shot a video in HD and I wanted to upload it at some point, and I just might, to give you some idea of the immense variety of stuff we are dealing with here.
Action and Adventures of Superman are up and running (the latter is still getting graphics upload as this is being written so we hope it'll be done today sometime. Next up....Amazing Spider-man!
And while we're at it, you will note that there is a new category that's showing up at the sidebar, namely Silver Age Comics. Watch that one each week as we add more and more stuff.


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