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Monday, April 11, 2011

How not to miss stuff

There has been an interesting development in the past few weeks.

First, before we get to that, we did get Avengers done on the site (the 1963 series), and not all of them just yet, but they are loaded, most are turned on, and others are getting ready to be turned on. It only took 3 weeks instead of 3 days. Oy! Mighty Avengers and some of the mini-series are still waiting and they'll, wait a bit yet. Anyway, I digress.....

Okay, so as we have started to get what we call "critical mass" of items on the site, we have started to climb the rankings for Google searches. That's good in a way and not so good in another way. Namely, we have a fair number of items in stock (or at least they were in stock....more in a minute), that are absolutely, without a doubt, undeniably, crazy-as-it-sounds, plain ordinary NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.

And folks are wiping them out from us....quickly.....very quickly. Scary quickly, in fact.

Which brings up our subject for tonight: there is a way to avoid missing out on these types of objects, issues, collectibles, etc. That way is to establish a Comic Service Account.

Why is this important?

Because not only will it gain you a reliable Comic Service that is in fact the oldest continuously operating Comic Service in the world as far as we know (since 1965 if you must know....if you find one that's older please let us know so we can cancel our claim), but it will open up to you two very important aspects of this site, which you may not currently be able to take advantage of:

1.) First and very important is DISCOUNTS. Depending on the number of titles you take regularly, you will qualify for discounts of anywhere from 20% to 27% on most comics and magazines, and 10% to 14% on most other products we offer. That's great, but look at number 2.....

2.) Secondly and MOST IMPORTANT: The pre-order and special sections of the site. Before you go nuts looking for them, we'll tell you: unless you're a Comic Service member, you can't even see them. They don't even show up. They don't exist to you. You can't even wish them to appear. It's like they're in another dimension somewhere (not far from the truth maybe...)
And WHY is this MOST important? Because if you were a member you could have pre-ordered and guaranteed delivery of nifty items like all the Blackest Night stuff that's going crazy because of the upcoming Green Lantern movie, just to name a bunch. There are plenty of others. You know what they are because you're already going crazy looking for them. You could have avoided all of that.

So get a subscription list going and open a whole world of enjoyment to yourself while saving yourself the aggravation you don't want!

Oh, and a small aside for Canadians looking at this: We officially run your account in US Dollars, for even greater savings! (Our FAQs will be changed to reflect this fact.)

More info to come as we continue to expand the site and its contents!


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