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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking Action on Action

So here comes Action 900 and everyone is going crazy trying to get a copy or copies. Who knew that the news services would be "encouraged" to pick up on the story regarding Superman's alliances or I guess more properly, allegiances?
Anyway, be that as it may, it looks like supplies are gonna be extremely short, and therefore, the inevitable has happened: the price has gone up. Yuck!
However, on the flip side of that, we have decided to "turn on" the variant covers that we have available for casual visitors to the site and not only regular subscribers. Now, these aren't cheap, so be advised in advance, but they are even scarcer than the original cover, so that may at least help to stem some of the demand. As things stand now, it's unlikely that we'll be able to get reorders once our initial supplies run down.
Anyway, that's where it's at on Action 900. Sigh.....


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