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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting stuff guaranteed and worry-free!

So the big thing that everyone is thinking about these days is what's happening to the comics industry from the standpoint of real you-can-hold-this-in-your-hands collectible comic books, not to mention everything else that's associated with them. With the changes in the DC Universe we took a look and thought this would be the perfect time to allow EVERYONE to make pre-orders from the site, not just Comic Service members.

That's why the PRE-ORDERS category is now visible to everyone on the site, and you are all welcome to see the products and read their descriptions well in advance of their actual appearance.

Sounds great, but if you're a Comic Service member you're wondering now what the difference is between you and anyone else. There are lots of them:

NUMERO UNO: Comic Service members get DISCOUNTS whereas everyone else does not. These discounts vary up to a whopping 27% (TWENTY-SEVEN PERCENT)!

TWO: Comic Service members DO NOT have to pre-pay their pre-orders. The books are accumulated and sent with regular shipments depending on when they arrive. Everyone else MUST PRE-PAY their order in the usual way with their credit cards, those payments are taken as the order is placed to confirm the order, and we won't register the order unless this is done. This includes a normal shipping charge on the order, which in this case is an ESTIMATE, but may not be the final actual shipping amount. The order will ship in its entirety when the products are all arrived (unless of course there is an extreme delay for an item or items in which case we will adjust things accordingly.)

THREE: Casual users still don't have access to some special items on the site which are highly desirable. My favourites are the rare variants.

These are the main ones, but there are others as well. By making this change, everyone will have a much better experience on the site, and more people will see that we offer the best range of pre-order products anywhere! That way we can welcome even more users to our family every day!

Now, just a note about the Comic Service Standing Order List: Because of the DC thing and for that matter because of the changes that Marvel is making with Uncanny X-Men, we will not revise the list for a while until we get a better handle on what will be coming out, what will be ongoing, and what will be reliable. The list is still good as it stands and we will enter subscriptions operating under the current titles quickly and efficiently so that any transitions necessary for your enjoyment are as smooth as possible!


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