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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lots of updates to report

Just a couple of notes:

we're starting to get some fairly good "mass" of items on the site. Additions over the last few days include Mad Magazine, Mad Specials, Savage Sword Of Conan, Sandman, Detective Comics, and a bunch of smaller miscellaneous titles.

On the sandman front, we are currently missing a bunch of the cover scans. This will be fixed by the end of the week when we have time to upload them. Same goes for the fiufteen or so Mad scans missing right now. Also there will be a bunch of smaller Mad titles added as well.

Keep visiting to see the changes that we're making.

It's going to get more and more exciting each week!

Oh yes....the dreaded Facebook announcement: We're on Facebook. If you like the site, please find us on Facebook and "like" the Facebook page as well. We will be doing some fairly special stuff with Facebook and hopefully Tumblr soon as well!


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