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Thursday, August 25, 2011

This isn't a Sideshow, it's a MAIN EVENT!

The BIG NEWS this week is that we're taking pre-orders for the Hot Toys Batman and Hot Toys Joker. These are the first DC products licensed to Hot Toys that are being offered by Sideshow, and they are SURE to sell out! So this is a hint: go directly to their listings and pre-order them right now! You know what happens when items like these sell out, so don't miss either one! How's that for subtlety?

Next up: The search dialogue. There is a search dialogue in the upper righthand side of the home page. There is also a link under it to a thing we call "Search Tips". These tips are to make it easier to do a search, especially since we do not have the site set up by title, but we DO have umpteen-cajillion items starting to be listed. Please take a minute to read the search tips. We are going to change the format of the search dialogue to make it more prominent and easier to use.

Thirdly: Although we are going just slightly crazy with the Amazing Spider-man #666, it is being received positively, and best of all folks are finding and getting things they need. Even better, the Free Shipping is very well received, and we'll be making an announcement about it before the end of August, so stay tuned.

More news and innovations are coming!


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