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Monday, September 12, 2011

More subscription titles for you!

What do most people do at 3 in the morning? They sleep.

What do we do at 3 in the morning? We do multiple uploads of the new Comic Service Standing Order List until we finally get it right.

The new list is up and running now, and we have expanded it to not only feature all of the new DC 52 titles, but also a whole mess of other goodies, and we will probably make additional changes to it in the next few weeks or two as things settle down with the publishers for the rest of the fall season.

Now, a lot of members have wondered about how they can keep track of their subscription lists automatically. With this system it's simple. When you enter your Comic Service list using this standing order system, you'll be given an order confirmation. All you have to do to see what's on your list is to refer back to the order number when you log in, and the list will show up automatically. You can then Edit the Order (in effect editing the list), and when you save it we should receive an automatic e-mail notification that you have added or subtracted or changed quantities on something. Simple!


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