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Friday, October 21, 2011

Googling and gurgling.....

You're wondering what the heck has been going on this last several weeks. Simply: Google changed a great many of their requirements for products participating in Google Product Search. because of this we have been completely absorbed with changing the data streams involved in running the site. This has been a pretty big nightmare, because there are lots of anomalies involved when dealing with our types of products, especially comic books. The main problem with comic books is that their UPC codes do not conform necessarily to expected UPC practices. Same thing for books. Without going into boring technical stuff, suffice it to say we've been working feverishly to get things correct, both on a literal level and at a programming level (identifying bugs in the system for example that didn't manifest before the changes but have come out since). That's why the December releases are late being shown. They are up now, and we appreciate your patience during the delay. We will now start to leave THREE months of pre-order stuff on the site, so this will allow you extra time to make those all-important pre-orders, especially when it comes to limited edition stuff. The JANUARY, 2012 pre-order stuff will be up towards the end of next week, which means that the OCTOBER, 2011 stuff will disappear at that time. If there are items in that set of pre-orders that you want to register for, please do it this coming week. We'll also catch up on the last several Sideshow solicitations. New Sideshow items are arriving shortly, and there are some doozies! If you have not yet ordered them, please let us know asap about which ones you want. Random and unrelated: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in town. Maybe they'll drop by Saturday? William Shatner will be around town Tuesday. Maybe he'll drop by too?


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