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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome to insane fun....

So the thing we've learned most about the holiday season is that word does indeed spread like wildfire across the internet, especially when folks discover that we have something that apparently nobody else has.

The fun ensues when either a.) everyone orders at the same time causing a stack of orders to show simultaneously, and then b.) we go looking for the inventory which we try to monitor carefully, rush like crazy to fill as quickly as possible to ship within a day or two and then c.) discover that some of it is moved from one location to another or worse, is missing at least temporarily. Oh, and let's not forget d.) the system wasn't updated in a timely fashion by someone rushing to fill an alternate choice on an order (alternate choices are updated manually), resulting in a shortage of one or two items. All of these result in baldness as we tear our hair out keeping up with stuff.

Then of course new arrivals show up and we're about a half-week behind in turning them on as you read this. Of course that doesn't include time spent answering inquiries and logging requests.

By the way, the one thing we do notice is that not a heck of a lot of folks are using the "Wish List" function on the site. If you have a want list, please enter it on the Wish List and we'll keep an eye on it. You can include items not already on the site because we have literally thousands of unlisted items, and as they turn on we'll advise you so you can get a good chance at them.  (Case in point: Anyone looking for a complete run of Dick Tracy from 1946 right up?)

Programming progress is being made as we do a redesign on the login system to fix the apparent problem with logging in to existing accounts. Or so our intrepid programmers tell us.

All this in the name of making sure that you have a great shot at the goodies you want, especially if they're intended for gifts. Y'know what? We haven't had this much insane fun in ages, and we're happy to "suffer"! Keep those orders coming!


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