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Monday, July 9, 2012

The DC and Marvel book and merchandise project

It's been just a little while since the last post. We've been busy filling orders and working on getting the inventory more up to date. It's more than a full time job.

We're announcing our DC and Marvel book and merchandise project.

The biggest challenge we face every day is finding a way of listing everything we have available, especially in books (trades and hardcovers), but to some degree in other merchandise as well, and then keeping it current and accurate. Every so often this leads to snafus where inventory isn't were it should be or has some sort of issue, or isn't turned on when it should be. That last is the worst because you wouldn't have any idea of what's available if we don't turn it on. Compounding this is a small issue with updating involving the use of alternate choices on the free shipping program.

The biggest impediment to eliminating this challenge has been (up to now) having a fairly comprehensive listing of what's been put out over the last few years.

To solve this we have uploaded a list comprising about 4,000 items. The majority of items on the list have "MAR09" as a prefix to their item numbers. It's mostly DC and Marvel, but also includes Image and Dark Horse and a few independent publishers. We've set things up so that a) everything has been set as "unavailable", and b) most of the older material has either a DC or Marvel logo in place of the actual cover.

We're now going to go through and update those listings, and turn them on as we verify availability on each item.

In the meantime, if you see something which you are looking for on the site and it comes up as part of that list  and "unavailable", please send a request to us, and we'll expedite searching for that item and get it going immediately.

We'll also be going along and removing duplicate listings as much as we can to save space and consolidate your searches for better convenience.


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