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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Of Variants and Shipping clarifications

As of July 16, 2012 we are making some changes to the website to streamline things and hopefully make it less confusing, particularly in the navigation from the main panels. These changes will take effect over the next few days and we'll note then here each time a change is made.

Today we opened up the Variants category to everyone. We have one of the widest variety of variant covers anywhere, and decided to make them available. Now, before you go all sweaty with anticipation, please note: They are not necessarily all that inexpensive. In fact some of them are really expensive. These are offers for sale, and there is no obligation to take us up on any of them, but they are there for those who wish to do so. These are prices related to scarcity and quantity of existent variants, so if you think we're nuts on a few of them that's ok, but please don't bite our heads off because some of them may or may not look goofy to you. Having said that, there are some pricing goofs. We noted a couple which we corrected as soon as we saw them, but surely there are a few others, and we'll get them done as we catch them. So please be nice when dealing with this new category. If it can help you complete your collection or get a rare specialized book, that's the object of the exercise, and that's  great.

Today we fixed up the special edition offerings and proceeded to mess up the pop-up window. We'll try to have it fixed in the next day or two.

Now to my favourite subject: the shipping option changes.

We got the new shipping options going and sure enough right away we got folks trying to use them for statues, action figures, books, and everything other than comic books. This being done even though they're specifically for comic books, and they say they're specifically for comic books, and probably because most folks don't read the Shipping and Returns page.
Please read the Shipping and Returns page. We appreciate it.

That's it for today. More news will surely follow in the week ahead. Enjoy the fantastic summer weather!


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