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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quick Update

This is a quick note to mention a  few things:
First, we have the March, 2013 releases up, and they were late this month. Apologies on that, as we do more and more orders, time is getting compressed. We're working out new regular schedules so this doesn't happen as much in the future.
Second, we combined this month of releases with the JULY, 2009 set of releases, most of which are in stock (obviously from almost four years ago). However, not all of these may be available. There may be some anomalies in terms of availability, and we will work through these. Similarly, there may be some pricing conflicts with previous listings, and we will work through these as well. Your understanding is appreciated.
Third, we are once again offering the entire set of FCBD books this year to any member of the Comic Service. Full details will be updated on the site shortly. In the meantime, we are going to be posting a new standing order list by the end of the month, since all the titles from Marvel and DC are completely changed around (and are still changing in fact, so we'll do our best to be current).
Fourth....we are currently upgrading anyone choosing non-priority ground shipping to non-priority air, which is one heck of a lot faster. We will have further information available on this later this week, and it may just involve some exciting news cost-wise. Stay tuned.
Fifth....the graphics on the home page are messed up, especially the big window which is still hawking Christmas stuff. Patience. We will have new graphics shortly, including the whole range of thsoe FCBD books.
Lastly, we will have new pre-order listings for Sideshow stuff in the next few days, along with a nice batch of older action figures from DC Direct.
What did we leave out here? probably lots of stuff, but we'll mention those things next time. meantime, read the entry a couple of entries ago about payments, shipping, and all that other good stuff. lots of folks have still missed that one, and it's worth the read.


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