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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't fall over, we're actually posting something!

We've been diligently filling orders like crazy this past few months!

The big news is that we have begun to introduce quantity discounts for those of you who wish to buy multiple copies of some books. Now, this is being phased in on some titles, not all, but we think it'll be an exciting upgrade tpo the experience on the site. It's especially good if you're needing more than just one or two copies of a given item in order to preserve a few for future use or to keep pristine.

Also, we'll have a lot of spot specials coming for the next several weeks heading into and through Thanksgiving (both) and on towards Chanukkah and Christmas, so look carefully!

We'd like to reiterate that when you place an order it will initially show "AWAITING PAYMENT", even if you've submitted your card. This is because cards are blocked for payment, but we don't capture payment until we have the product ready to go. Hence, no change in status until that happens.

We're still working through some mis-listed stuff and some minor location glitches on some products, but they're rapidly being taken care of so they don't reoccur.

There will be more news shortly (really!).


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