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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some important updates

If you're a member of the Comic Service and you've been wondering about what happened to the december releases, wonder no more. We had a significant delay because we could not get the graphics files to work properly. This has been corrected, but the downside is that we need your pre-orders asap for guarantee. Please submit them like immediately.
On a related note, we fixed the graphics for the "MAR11" codes finally, and they should be correct. If you see any other graphics that don't match their items, please let us know.
Did you also know that "Watchdog" has been disabled? We did this because we finally got a system in place to get the quantities correct on speculation items. In fact, we've introduced some limited bulk discounts for multiple copy orders on several very sporadic items and will be adding more from week to week. So if you wish to get multiples where possible and take advantage of multiple discounts, please do.
Lastly, speaking of discounts, we did find a glitch in the pre-order setup system that might cause the pricing to appear on your comic service order without the discount. Rest assured that your comic service invoice will have the proper discounts listed. If you're not a comic service member, join now to take advantage of significant savings!
Lastly, since the pre-order posting for December was so late, we took out the November releases, and will be installing the January 2014 listings in just a few days. The one thing to note in future is that we need to have the orders for guarantee in hand by the 20th of the month. For example, January 2014 release orders need to be here by November 20 for guarantee. This will carry on barring some other inconvenience like that mentioned above with the graphics.
More news to follow!


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